Hotel security and anti-terrorism certification

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Hotel security and anti-terrorism certification.

This is the most complete certification that a hotel can acquire. It was created to solve security problems in all aspects, according to the evolution of crime and technology advancement of the 21st century..

The K21 certification is only granted for hotels that comply with safety standards in the following respects::

  • Human Resources
  • Operational training
  • Preventive procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Disasters
  • Technology
  • Terrorism

The certification process takes an average of 7 days to complete.

  • 1 day - Our expert checks in the hotel as a normal guest and analyzes the entire operation of the hotel and the staff.
  • 2 day - The expert checks and detects all flaws in hotel security.
  • 3 day - The specialist is presented to the entire hotel work team and initiates the restructuring project and the changes that must be made.
  • 4 day - The restructuring project is presented to the hotel management to be authorized to start corrections.
  • 5 day - Restructuring of the human resources sector.
  • 6 day - Operational Training / Preventive Procedures / Emergency Procedures / Disaster Procedures
  • 7 days - Combat training and prevention of terrorism.
  • Implantation of new technologies (if necessary)
  • Issue of K21 certification

The hotel must have its own security sector.
The hotel must have an employee in charge of the security sector in charge of supervision or equivalent.
The hotel must have an adequate environment for the proper functioning of the security sector.

This sector is the one that most involves people in its operation because besides the employees and service providers, its purpose of service is precisely to receive the guests who are also people.
Security is one of the decisive factors for a tourist to choose the hotel in which he will be staying, especially when traveling with his family.

Obtaining the K21 certification besides being a differential for the business, guarantees for the host the excellence and tranquility in the requirement security.

The certified hotel, in addition to receiving K21 certification and seal, will be available on more than 100 travel sites worldwide, including our monthly newsletter.

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